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Hi, I'm Serge Jean and I have over 26 years of upstream oil and gas industry experience in a wide range of roles from subsurface technical & commercial leadership to project & corporate management. I have worked predominately for upstream operators and have helped them invest billions of USD in energy projects around the world on oil, gas, LNG, exploration, new country entry, greenfield developments and brownfield redevelopments/late life asset rejuvenation. I now work with ALECA, transforming the way teams collaborate and deliver projects with lower carbon footprints. My passion is finding socially & commercially sustainable solutions to the challenges our industry faces today and tomorrow. Thank you for joining our member community and get in touch anytime if you would like to get to know me better. Regards, Serge, MD at ALECA.

Thank you for joining our member community, with your support ALECA will transform the way we collaborate as an energy industry.  Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct for members which also applies to the use of the ALECA system.  If you would like to be listed on the system as an ALECA Global Expert, please send us your CV to

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Serge Jean, MD at ALECA

Serge Jean, MD at ALECA

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